Space Colonies & Starbases

Space Colonies & Starbases

A place of work and somewhere to call home for those who explore the stars

Space colonies and starbases are a staple of science fiction. They can be places of commerce, points of strategic interest and even just something as simple as a place to live. They come in many different sizes and designs, as varied as those who live and work in them.

This publication gives you a series of tables that, in vague and abstract terms so you are not bogged down with excessive details when focusing on your story, can help flesh your design for a starbase, or give you an idea of what is in the undecided area of the colony, or anything else of a similar nature.

Designed to be the cornerstone or hub for other sci-fi or starbase-themed PDFs and generators from Ennead Games, with those PDFs being stand-alone in their own right, but made with this in mind.

Gives you tables and ideas that cover…

  • Age/Time Frame
  • Automation Level
  • Cargo/Storage
  • Colour & Pattern
  • Command Style
  • Computer/Data Systems
  • Communications
  • Condition
  • Crew
  • Defences
  • Districts/Modules/Rooms
  • Fees
  • Food/Drink Equivalent
  • Law Level
  • Location
  • Morale Level
  • Population
  • Power
  • Reason/Focus
  • Resources
  • Scanners
  • Shape
  • Style
  • Trade Level
  • Transport
  • Weapons Systems
  • Name – Prefix & Suffix
  • Ident Code


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