Sport Variant Namer

Sport Variant Namer

Just like the other sport, but different…

Sports are a great way to exercise, train, have fun and in some cases, solve differences between two groups. Virtually every country and culture has a sport of some kind, with some being very similar to, or derived from, others, such as football or rugby.

When a sport becomes popular enough, variants start to crop up which use the same base rules or system, but with a tweak. Sometimes these changes are minor tweaks to rules, other times can make the variant into something practically new!

This PDF gives you a system for generating the name for variants or concepts for various sports, some of which may exist already in the real world and some might be something entirely new altogether!

40,000 possible variations with some definitely matching real-world sports. But you can have more, much more!

Rolling on the variant table multiple times, re-rolling duplicated results and combining can give even more possible variations.

• 2 variants ((200 * 199) * 200) and you get 7,960,000 results
• 3 options ((200 * 199 * 198) x 200) gives you 1,576,080,000 results
• 4 rolls ((200 * 199 * 198 * 197) x 200) can generate 310,487,760,000 results!

Example results include:

  • Blitz Hockey
  • High-G Steeplechase
  • Mountain Kite Fighting
  • Stamina Billiards
  • Temporal Middle-Distance Running


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