Nightime shot with a Mountain top with a galaxy in the background and a shooting star visible

Terrain Feature Volume #2 – Mountains

Explore the roof of your world!


Mountains have varying definitions, but, in a far away realm, some organisation defines a mountain as “any peak with a height of at least 600m above sea level.” Some go with 610m because that’s 2,000 feet, which is a nice round number.

They can be places of mystery, and power from being “close” to the divine, sometimes empty of life, yet with a promise of danger from those that do live there.

Whilst they seem to be made of “just” stone, they come in many forms and sizes, from the lonely peak to almost spanning the world!

This PDF gives you a way of generating a simple overview of a mountain (or range of mountains), using abstract terms to make things easier.

Inside this PDF are tables that cover…

  • Feature – Artificial
  • Feature – Natural
  • Feature – Supernatural
  • Flora
  • Hazards
  • Locations
  • Inhabitants
  • Name
  • Resource of Note (d20)
  • Resource of Note (d100)
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Quirk/Feature


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