The last couple of weeks has been a mixture of things.

First Patreon said they were implementing new fees..then they retracted that when they vastly underestimated the backlash the would get.

The work pc went belly up. Then a new one was purchased. On that front, all the programs I used before have been installed and sorted, with some minor niggles, like Word settings and so on. I can now begin the task of reconstructing the two of three items from notes and hope I can rebuild the last one from memory, or at least use the same methods.

Then, the joy of joys (sarcasm mode off) I had yet another kidney stone. Not large enough to put me in hospital but enough to put me back on the pain and other medication.

Things are defiantly looking up – at the very least normal operations should be restored by the new year, well, 2nd of January at least.

In the new year I have to look forward to:

  • A campaign of World of Darkness – Changeling where I’ll be covering the origins of one of my favourite characters to play, Null the Shapeshifter
  • The official start of “Star Trek Adventures: Damocles”, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and the few testing sessions were a blast
  • Several new books, rpg related, that I am really looking forward to reading
  • A real possibility of me finally making something for 5e D&D, even if its a one-page item or so and going from there
  • Many new projects being expanded and older ones worked on

This week is going to be a slog as it’s going to take me twice as long to get things done, but as time goes by, things should get back to normal operating speeds, as I get better/have to take the pain meds less and learn the idiosyncrasies of Windows 10 and get my settings back to just the way I need them. Sometimes life tells you in no uncertain terms to slow down a tad…this next week or so is one of those times!

Lastly, this week, the “Emergency Sale” is still going on

EVERYTHING EG has released on DT for $35 until Christmas day (will probably be ending it on Boxing Day morning) Thats over $400 worth of pdfs for a silly low price!!!

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