This week, the generator is a simple addition to the BDK series. It gives you some quirks and secrets for your characters and NPCs. This is now making the BDK full generator quite large with a staggering number of possible combinations that I can’t even begin to accurately calculate. As always, see below for sample outputs, with the header links taking you to the appropriate generator pages.


Quirks and Secrets
# Quirk Secret
#1 Fidgets constantly Part-time investigator
#2 Remembers everyone as an old school chum Knows a couple of spells
#3 Is a serious flirt On probation
#4 Interrupts themselves Library – Banned Books
#5 Very nervous Possessed by an external force
#6 Absently calls people by different names when speaking with them Escaped Prisoner
#7 Is a serious flirt Polymorph – Permanent
#8 Talks too loudly Debt – Owes a LOT to thugs
#9 Is extremely clumsy Divorced
#10 Squints their eyes a lot Fakes knowing spells



Background & Details
Quick Age Teen/Young Adult
Gender Female
Species Gnome
Profession Priest
Personality Loving
Family Parents Mother Alive and well
Father Alive and well
Marital Status Still together, Father having known affair
Relationship with character Quite close, practically friends
Siblings Siblings 1 sibling (older Male)
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship In a relationship, having an affair (unknown affair)
Children Children 1 child (Female-In contact, but not really caring)
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Friend of a friend with a Male Half-Orc Weapon smith who is Confused
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height 3 + 10 % below
Weight Average/typical
Looks Looks/apparent age Indeterminate
Background Hometown Hometown name Castle Royalsted
Distance to Hometown Current location
Time spent there Moved in last 8 years
Size of hometown Medium Town
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Other Aspect
Residence type there Crowded/Multiple families
Income Primary Income source Consultation
Secondary Income source Slaves
Languages Language Home/Native and common tounge only
Literacy Literacy level (general) More wrong words the right
Habits Drinking Only uses correct cutlery/container
Eating Takes leftovers with them to consume later if possible
Sleeping Something Else
Personal Details Body Type Type Slim
Clothing Style Modern(for the period)
Accessory Smoking item/pipe
Demeanour/Behaviour Demeanour/Behaviour Quiet
Education Highest Level/Equivalent Home Schooled
Face/Head Ears – Description Hairy
Eyes – Colour Jade/Green
Eyes – Condition (Left/Right) Fine/Fine
Eyes – Description Hardened
Eyebrow Colour Same as main hair
Eyebrow Condition Styled
Facial Structure Triangle
Lips Ritzy
Nose Long
Teeth condition Missing (1d4)
Hair Colour Platinum
Condition Lowlights
Style Bob
Quirk & Secret Quirk Visible birthmark
Secret Gambling – Won something


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