Campaign Chunk Volume 12.10 – Sloth

The sloth is a sedentary mammal , famous for its slow paced life. It is so slow, that algae can grow on its coat, which can lead to a green tinge. Apart from their slowness, Sloths possess a number of long, prominent claws on each foot. This helps to identify the two main types of sloth, called the two-toed and three-toed sloths. They mainly inhabit the area around the Amazon, where they have plenty of trees to eat from and sleep in.

The sloth is a creature adapted for life in the treetops. In fact, they spend almost all of their time hanging from branches upside down, which is aided by their long claws. They spend so much time sleeping or resting in this position , which can be up to 20 hours a day, that it not uncommon for a sloth to die in this way, hanging from a tree. They eat the fruits and nuts they find as the hang. From their POV they have very little reason to come down from the trees. It is believed that the only time they do come own is to urinate and deficate, something they appear to only do once every seven days or so.

These slow paced creatures even mate and give birth in the trees. A female sloth can be pregnant from anywhere between six to 11 months, with the actual tie dependant on the species of sloth. Females can give birth once a year. The baby will spend the first three to eight months of their life (again dependant on species) clinging to their mother. It has been noted that if the baby falls off the mother, they will be left alone, as for the sloth, getting down from their home in the trees is a risky endeavour.

Hooks & Rumours

  • A world famous and brilliant, if eccentric, scientist has gone on public record as saying he wants to breed “the worlds fastest sloth.” With the exception of regular testing and semi-forced breedings, the sloths are being extremely well treated and have plenty of food and medical facilities if they do get ill. Even animal rights organizations are admitting they are in much better condition here than in the wild.
  • A popular entertainer, who uses a sloth as his mascot, is trying to legally adopt one and bring the mammal to his home. He is offering a reasonable amount of cash to find one legally and make sure it is well looked after. However, it appears that someone has a beef with this personality and is actively hampering his efforts. A second reward is bein offered if the identity of this person (or persons) is discovered.
  • Several sloths have been fond dead outside an embassy in Brazil. It is believed it is a protest at the destruction of their habitat, but no organisation has stepped forward to claim this act. What is puzzling investigators is that the sloths all appear to have had the algae that grows on them removed.
  • Reports are coming that a sloth has tried to attack several humans. The reports are being laughed at, as the sloths move too slowly to actually hurt anyone, but these incidents are growing and spreading. Examination of several sloths has indicated that a form of rabies is infecting them.

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