RIGS SciFi 1.10 Microscopic Drone

“The micro-drone was hailed as both a medical miracle and engineering triumph! The people at Amazing Engineer have done it again. Every year they bring out new and wonderful technologies that are way ahead of the current market. The latest in their line of remote controlled technology is simply incredible. They claim it will actually be able to be remotely flown inside a subject’s body and repair the damage from within! We have been allowed to record the latest public testing of it being used on a patient that has a cancerous growth near their brain stem …”

Activation: Switch
Complexity: 50%
Condition: Standard
Control method: Remote Panel


Most people are familiar with the concept of a drone, a flying object remotely controlled used for various purposes, such as spying, recon missions or simply for entertainment. These Microscopic Drones are virtually impossible to see unaided, although some people claim they can see and hear them. Originally developed for use in medicine and surgery, there are those in the military that are working on weaponizing them, to make microscopic death drones

Abilities and Features

Being so small makes the drone virtually impossible to detect. The vast majority of the microdrones are used in the medical industry, where their size is a benefit. A Surgeon-controller can direct the drone to the site and perform many operations within the patient’s body, although they do have to be sedated to prevent them moving and occasional discomfort.


The main disadvantage is the drones size. This makes it expensive to manufacture and costly if lost. Most of the remote control panels have some way of tracking the drone, which in turn pushes the cost and complexity up higher. The second is the range. Being microscopic limits the drones range of control. So far, the current best model, the AED-500, has a range of just under 500 meters, but even the manufacturers don’t recommend going that far. If the micro death-drone project ever succeeds, then there will be a flying , virtually impossible to see death machine let loose.
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