This weeks generator is based on the recently released “Quick Generator – Sci-Fi Weapons” pdf.

This generator outputs a sci-fi based weapon name or concept for you. Some are more suitable for use on starships, other for worlds that still prefer to use things like swords but have updated them to use modern technology and various levels in between.

Also, starting today, I will be going through the old generators and adding the support links section to the bottom of each page that is missing it. This will cause the “Recently Update” widget to the right to have lots of new updates. At the moment, this is all that is being updated. I will post on Tuesdays as normal when new generators are made or updated properly.

Sci-Fi Weapon Concepts
#1 Bio-Molecular Net
#2 Disintegrating Laser Claymore
#3 Demolecuarizing Bullet
#4 Sonic Silenced Dart
#5 Electric Mine
#6 Dual Staff
#7 Nannite Infused Sword
#8 Repeating Turret
#9 Pulsing Claymore
#10 Exotic Crossbow

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