A bit of a bad news/good news situation this week for me and Ennead Games.

First, the bad – Last week my work machine suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure. Whilst I do have back-ups, the latest couple of items that were ready to be released were not able to be saved. I have the notes for two out of three of them, they still need to be recreated, have the background pages format etc. In essence, I am having to start again from scratch with this and the other projects as well as purchasing a new machine.

So what does this mean? Well this week, and probably next, there will be no new releases – That and the above “bad” news.

Now for the good

Instead of the planned releases I am, from now until Christmas Day, running a sale on the larger bundles EG has on sale

One is everything that EG put on sale on DT in 2016
One is everything that EG did in 2017
Another is EVERYTHING EG has on sale on DT (inc both the above bundles and everything else before that)

Now, you may be thinking – “..but I already have a large portion of the items in those bundles…!”

But here’s where things get even better (for you) – If you have an item in a bundle, then that bundle is reduced in price even further – Drivethru calls this the “Previous Purchase Discount”. The more items you have from a bundle, the greater the discount will be.

2016 Collection Bundle (Total Individual Selling Price: $87.92 Normal Bundle Price: $66.72) – On sale for $15
2017 Collection Bundle (Total Individual Selling Price: $68.36 Normal Bundle Price: $50.00) – On sale for $25
Everything Bundle (Total Individual Selling Price: $445.52 Normal Bundle Price: $317.79) – On sale for $35

No, that last value is NOT a typo or misprint – I really am selling the bundle of EVERYTHING released on DT for $35 as I urgently need to replace the emergency funds I had to spend on getting the work machine.

Be aware, these silly prices will end December the 25th.

By then I should have either had the lost data recovered or been able to recreate from my notes what was lost. There will be some changes to formatting and so on as it would be impossible to recreate everything, but I am seeing this is a chance to bring in some behind the scene changes and try out new layouts and so on.




4 thoughts on “Semi-back from disaster

  1. Anonymous Customer says:

    Enjoying my trip through your products. I purchased the $35 bundle and would have never seen your offers otherwise. Is there a Fantastic Feats Volume 37?

    1. Mobius says:

      IIRC Volume 37 I had to remove from sale because of a licence issue that I wasn’t able to sort out. So assuming that is the one I am thinking of, don’t panic it is meant to be missing

  2. Dale Jennings says:

    I feel for your loss; it’s so heart-breaking. I’m pledging to buy your “super-bundle” on the 22nd (payday), and I’ve tweeted your plight, and bundle offer too. Hopefully this helps you out a bit. Chin up, and Merry Christmas. From a fellow gamer.

    1. Mobius says:

      TYVM! – Its a lesson learned that even with back-ups there is only so much you can do to protect yourself and I was lucky I had the emergency fund in the first place – Cloud/off-site back-ups are your friend, but still a pain to sort-everything out again. Still trying to be positive as it’s allowing me to archive things I wasn’t using as much and reorganize in a way that easier for me and more efficient.

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