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A quick one this week.



No new PDF out this week, but did finish work on the next quick generator “Creature Concepts – Folklore”. It was orginally going to be focused 100% on undead, so about 50-60% are undead realted. But expanding it to cover other creatures of myths and folklore works out well. Even if one of the test results was “Prismatic Vampire”…many lols had at that one.


World Anvil

Didnt get a chance to make an artucle last week due to it being not only a voting day here in the UK, but also getting boiler service done. That combined with other stuff meant I didnt get a chance to do the article I wanted. Shall do it tommrow instead, and it will cover two of the magic types/specialisties found in Easthalen, “Psionics” (basicaly mind magic with a twist) and “Spell Fusion” where two (or more) spells are fused and cast as one and taking aspects of both, but at a price not many are willing to risk.

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

Stream Channel Link

  • ESO – Last thursdays, was some major technincaly tomfollery going on and had 65% frame/packet loss. I Suspect It was a combo or my settings being reset in an update and internet tomfollery. Still, looks like it’s sorted and now fully into starting the Summerset expansion. The vid was bad so deleted the VOD and there will only be one vid uploaded to YT next week.
  • Watch Party – The Expanse – First three episodes now done. In a way I am sad each season is only about 10 or 12 episodes, BUT, that does make for tighter story telling and little filler, which helps make it an amazing series. 100% would reccomend.

Video/VT Channel Link


Goals and To-Do List

Repeating Weekly Goals/Tasks Done?
Uploaded last weeks stream to YT y
Biweekly/Alternating Goals/Tasks
Released a PDF n
World Anvil Article n/a
World Building Prompt/Questions n
Irregular Goals/Tasks
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one y
Added PDF to PDF page on site n


The Foundry Project

At the point where I feel like I am ready to release one of the modules as a test thing, for free etc, for feedback etc. I will then use that as a template for others going forward. Still looking at patreon for releasing things, but I need to look into how they deal with taxes and so on.


Other Stuff

Things are 100% not moving as fast as I wanted, but, still making progress in the various active projects. Even a small bit of progress is better than none, which in turn is not as bad as losing progress, so even though stuff like TFP is not where I hopped it would be by this point in time, I am not upset with self. Mental/Physical health is more important than a side project.


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