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I hate going there, makes my skin crawl with their so-called mind magic..sorry their “psionics” as they call it, constantly watching you brushing against your mind. And don’t get me started on that nonsense they call Spell-Fusion…

Common reaction by powerful spellcaster when talking about Guildica.


In a world with a high level of background magic, such as Easthalen, people eventually start to figure out new ways of using it. Whilst the vast majority of the world does not take part in its usage, due to many possible side effects and inherent dangers, some seek to push the boundaries of what it can do and learn what it can’t do. This approach over the years led to, alongside the styles of magic that other world might refer to as “schools” or “colleges” like abjuration, or invocation, styles of magic

Two, in particular, stand out: Psionics and Spell Fusion.

The origins for both of these can be found in Guildica, and rarely outside of the small nation.


What many people don’t realise is that the development of the first, Psionics, is what lead to the development of the second, Spell Fusion. But first, we need to explain what they are.

Technically, Psionics started as a combined form of the schools of magic known as Enchantment and Illusion. In another world, there is a distinctive difference between psionics and magic, but here, its name and descriptor for the combined schools. Here Psionics is now a way for those who practice it to in effect, cast spells, any spell, without the use of gestures, words or gestures. But there is a cost…

Mind Magic, as Psionics is called outside Guildica, is often looked on with suspicion and a raised eyebrow or two. Whilst the use of psionics allows for other spells to be cast without components etc, it is much more potent when using enchantment and illusion magic, to the point that those who try to resist its effects are at a distinct disadvantage.

However, as with all things, there is a price. There are three certain rules regarding Psionics that cannot be broken.Or more correctly, breaking them or even attempting to can lead to nasty unpleasent consequences.

  • The Rule of Learning
  • The Rule of Knowledge
  • The Rule of Cost

The Rule of Learning

Psionics can only be taught to another from someone who is from a certain bloodline. Anyone can learn it safely, to a limited point. but the teacher MUST be from one of the 4 original families that psionics manifested in. And whilst everyone can learn and often does learn at least one type of Psionics of Guildica, not many have the mental fortitude to do so.

The Rule of Knowledge

The Rule of Knowledge covers two aspects. Only those with the right mental fortitude can learn multiple psionic versions of spells. Most can only learn one or two in their lifetime. Trying to learn more becomes exponentially harder for both the teacher and the student.

The Rule of Cost

As mentioned before, Psionics allow for “regular” spells to be converted and learned to be cast in a way that doesn’t use material components, gestures etc and also enhances enchantment and illusion magic. The cost for this comes at an increase or even complication in health issues both physical and mental.

The occasional use of psionics for the typical user is not a problem. Use it multiple times in a small period and you might at worst end up with a headache or digestive issues. Each use though takes its toll. Eventually, a psionics user, if they are not of heroic levels of mental fortitude will burn out their body and mind. This is in addition to the regular effects of magic use in Easthalen. Almost every major user of psionics has died in a wild magic storm as their mind can no longer handle the extreme energies that flow through it.

Another sub-clause to the Rule of Cost is that psionics can be quite painful to use. Even sending a message has a chance to trigger off a migraine-like effect in either the sender or the recipient.

It was these combinations of rules that lead to much experimentation with Psionics, seeing how the “new mind magic” could be utilised. The realisation that a “regular” spell could be cast without the requirements that others use, even with the side effects, was something the small nation of Guildica needed to survive the aftermath of the Mage War.

These experiments accidently led to the creation of something that terrifies and scares most magic users when they learn about it….Spell Fusion…

Spell Fusion

During the early days of figuring out psionics and the conversion of regular spells to their new dangerous format, several psionics users discovered that they could cast two spells at once with this new method. It was much more dangerous and draining on them, but this new development helped secure Psionics as a powerful tool. One day, however, two spells were cast at the same time. These “spells” fused into one, with aspects of both in one casting. It was believed that this was a scrying spell and a spell to summon an unseen servant. It created a borderline sentient creature made of shadow and darkness. The user, could see and control the servant as if it was an extension of their body.

When the spell ended, the user died horribly and painfully, the energies or both spell drawing on the only resource it could get access to power themselves…the caster…

What remained was essentially a burnt-out husk, their screams echoing around the halls of their location before being silenced by the sweet embrace of death.

It was discovered, through a series of experiments, that almost any two, or more, spells can be fused in this way. The fused spell takes on aspects from the parent spells in any way the caster desires.

Spell fusion allows for effects and magic that can’t be found anywhere else and all without the use of components, gestures or arcane words. The cost, however, is too high for many. This can range from being unable to cast any psionics ever again, to mental burnout to total combustion of the body. A Wild Surge (aka a chaos surge) also happens every time a spell is fused in this way. This, if you are very, VERY lucky might help you or offset the costs, but the chances of this are small. In effect, the fuse spells require a permanent sacrifice of something. The more spells fused into one and the more potent the regular spells are, the more the scales must be balanced.

And the greater the chance for a psionic disaster…


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