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That time of the week again where I update you lot on the state of things and remind myself of what else needs to be done!



No new PDF’s this (alternate weeks) but have completed the latest Quick Gen – Namely one “Gemstone Name/Type”. I think next month, Febuary, will be a double QG month, to give me time/a buffer to work on other things including The Foundry Project (TFP) and the details for the “Fake Medical Babble” generator.


World Anvil

Last weeks artcle was about a certain prophercy that had reared it’s head in Easthalen and might be amongst the first to have been written in that world.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

Stream Channel Link

  • ESO – Have got properly into the Alik’r Desert region now.  But one thing that marked a new “goal” in the game was accidently stumbling across a residence and seeing it could be afforded, got me thinking about the other houses in the game and a new ultimate goal of getting as many of the houses in game as possible was born – plus saw one that was , well, Dr Strange would have been perfectly at home there!
  • Farscape Watch Party – Season 3 is mt favourite for many many reasons, but the last epiosde was a smoll tear jerker. Still, gave me a chance to updaye the Farscape Bingo card!

Video/VT Channel Link

  • Videos were updated no problem – Still wracking my brain on how to “non-spammy” promote things, but it’s low down on the prioty list for me right now.


Goals and To-Do List

Ongoing Goals Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,093 2000 907
Twitter – Tweets 39303 50,000 10,697
Twitch – Followers 222 500 278
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 19 100 81
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 19 1000 981
Youtube – Uploads 192 200 8
Youtube – Views 510 10,000 9,490


Repeating Weekly Goals/Tasks Done?
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one y
Add a pdf collection or item to itch n/a
Uploaded stream to YT y
Biweekly Goals/Tasks
World Anvil Article y
World Building Prompt/Questions n/a

You may have noticed a new entry listed above…more will be revelaed later in this post 🙂


The Foundry Project

What is FoundryVTT

Happy to say that the FoundryVTT Project is now underway – Have installed Visual Studio and the needed stuff to update for Github etc. This is not needed but VS makes it so I can auto-update things on Github, which is how FVTT adds in the modules. So if I make a change , or fix an error, it’s posted and then anyone who has the module will get the update when they refresh/update their modules/add-ons automatically.  Took a bit of  mental effort on my part to start off with, but it was the usual “I either understand perfectly on first go or struggle” thing.

Now the base template and so-on is done,  the hard part will be figuring out how to make the modules and convert my gens to the required format.

Good thing as well is that I have spoken to the makers of FVTT and am a go to start selling whenever I am ready. Downside is, to begin with I wont be listed on their homepage etc, but this is not an issue for me yet.


Other Stuff

As mentioned above there is a new entry on the tracker/goal list.  As shown in the table below, I am adding in World Building Question/Prompt for the week. Sometimes will be just a small one-line question, sometimes a lot more. As with anything, this will be trial, but, the plan is to add these and many others into a WB questionare PDF for later selling. The schedule listed below is pretty much full now. The alternate Tuesdays (marked with ??? ) will be a “Whatever” day – Sometimes a new or updated gen, sometimes, I’ll be working on TFP and so on.

As mentioned many times before I have had burnout a few times in the past and don’t want to do it again.  But, fingers, crossed, doing smaller and regular work will work up better than larger, yet ireggular.

Week One Week Two
Monday New PDf Details Older PDF Hilight
Tuesday Generator ???
Wednesday Weekly Update Weekly Update
Thursday World Anvil Article World Building Stuff
Friday List List


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