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Starting today, and planned for being every 2 weeks, alternating with the World Anvil articles about Easthalen – my RPG game world.

There are many articles out there that cover world building and this one is another for the pile. The plan is to have at least one world-building question or prompt, but chances are there will be a small collection or theme, often related to whatever I am working on for publication or related to the various RPGs I am playing that week.

So, without further ado, let’s start off this off with some prompts/questions about the world itself!

The term “world” is being used to refer to the place where the story is taking place. By default, however, a planet is assumed, so some questions or prompts may be more relevant than others.

  1. What is the world’s name?
  2. Is the world natural or was it created by external forces?
  3. Does the world have any orbiting bodies?
  4. How large is the world, compared to Earth?
  5. How many continents are there? What is the name of them?
  6. Does the world have oceans? What are the names of them?
  7. Are the laws of nature different here and if so how?
  8. What is the weather like compared to Earth?
  9. Are there any unique minerals here?
  10. What major features about the world would a visitor notice when first arriving at this place?


The list of previous and other world-building prompts can be found HERE. This list is updated semi-regularly and will change. Think of it as a work in progress.

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