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Not done one of these for a while, feels about the right time for another 🙂 This is, for the most part, good news!  It’s a bit of a long one (oooh err). I did have an article planned, but, these thoughts were in my brain and pretty much pushing to the front of the queue, so to speak.

World Anvil

As I have mentioned before I am now a World Anvil Affiliate.  I realised there is soo much they have added over the last year or so I’m almost in over my head! So, I am thinking about starting a second “world”, from scratch, to learn and show off as much as I can. Hopefully, this will start next week on Thursday, but, as always, my health, both mental and physical fluctuates quite wildly at times so I make no promise on this, just a “fingers crossed” situation.

Originally, there was going to be a WA article today, but I figured out I had soo many options I was mentally paralysed with choice! Then the idea about starting off with WA popped back into my brain!

For more info on World Anvil, click HERE (affiliate link)


Foundry Project

Long time readers will know last year I started trying to work on converting my modules into a format suitable for use with FoundryVTT.  Then, for some reason, I hit a mental block. It might have been due to my mental health issues, the weather I don’t know. What I do know is it was making me frustrated and hard to concentrate on both that and other things – NOT a fault with the system, just with me. So, I put that project on hiatus until I could sort things out.

Well, like many things, turns out I was overthinking the problem.

Yesterday, I tried something new, a new approach to things, much more simple than before.

And it worked!

Yes, there were some small issues, like my spelling (as standard really), but the format and so on,  for want of a better term, the “logic” clicked for me. I swear I felt the neurons firing and the mental block breaking like a dam.

What does this mean?  It means that The Foundry Project(TFP) is back on and I can start converting things into a format that works.

Some related issues I need to address with regards to TFP:

  • How much to price the modules for?
  • Where can they be sold?
  • Sold on their own or with the PDFs? (This will probably be a three-option thing, PDF, Module and PDF + Module bundle)


FoundryVTT is a virtual tabletop program suitable for many RPGs systems. Click HERE for more information.


Community 3rd Party Publishing

Aeons ago, I used to publish 3rd party material. It was fun, but I found out that I enjoyed and had waaay more creative freedom with system-neutral material. Nowadays, there are many, many options for community 3rd party publishers to legally make stuff that is part of their brand and to take advantage of an existing audience.

As such, again, at some point in the future (not enough time in the day + health issues) I’m going to be publishing for the Free League Community Content Program, aka Free League Workshop.

And as I have now sorted out the issue I have with learning how to make FoundryVTT modules, I think I can expand it to include 3pp as well.

Other planned C3PP ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Cypher System
  • World Of Darkness


Possible Bad News

I mentioned above how there is possibly bad news. Well, with the cost of living issue in many places in the world, especially for me here in the UK. I’ve had to cut back on so many things. I refuse to increase my prices as I think that companies doing that now, when they are making silly high profits are just being…well, I won’t say the words here.

As such, I  *may* have to reduce my Internet package and remove Prime. May have to…

If that happens, two things will occur:

  1. I won’t be able to do the watch party on Wednesdays anymore because that’s linked to Prime.
  2. My stream bitrate quality may (probably will) reduce.

I don’t want to stop streaming, I quite enjoy it, gives me a break from things, even if it’s my second job now.

The above all depends on how things go over the next 6 months or so. It’s not 100%, but it IS on the table, so to speak. Hence why it’s a *possible* bad news not definite.

At some point, I need to kick my streaming side of things in the butt, especially when it comes to self-promotion. Maybe a re-branding/soft relaunch etc?

My stream channel



Overall, things are going well and some good things are on the horizon or in the works right now.  Yeah, some things suck for sure, but there are more good things than bad (even if the bad things are NOT GREAT). I’m not pushing myself too hard, just taking advantage of a positive upswing my brain and body are providing right now.

So, fingers crossed, you’ll be seeing some new and updated things from me soon!


May the dice roll ever in your favour!





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