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This week, taking (sorry couldn’t resist) a break from knight-related tomfoolery with a highlight of a generator from the Empire Builder range “Thieves Guild Generator!” Thus setting the theme for this week to those, sometimes, loveable rogues.

Originally published in April 2019, it has gone on to achieve electrum status, putting it in the top 8429 products (7.3%).

Empire Builder – Thieves Guild Generator

What’s yours is theirs!

The Thieves Guild. The name conjures up a myriad of images. From dashing charming rogues to devilish and evil thieves who take what they want, when they want.

Some call them trouble makers, others see them as valuable if contradictory dangerous, resources.

Whatever their reason for being, wherever you find people gathered together in large towns and cities, you will often find a guild and this publication is here to help give you some starting points to build from.

Inside you’ll find 20 x d20 tables to help flesh out your guild of miscreants, covering…

  • Age (of the guild)
  • Current Goal
  • Fee (% or per month?)
  • Leader
  • Leadership Style
  • Location of HQ
  • Major Event
  • Members
  • Numbers
  • Preferred Crime
  • Primary Rule(s)
  • Security
  • Services
  • Standing
  • Symbol
  • Targets
  • Training/Skill Quality
  • Typical Gear
  • Wealth
  • Weapon of Choice
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