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Not done one of these for a while, and with what I have been working on seems like an appropriate time to talk about things – That and my brain has hit a mental hurdle for the world building topic this week heh.

The major thing is that I am working on a new way to display the various posts, generators and so on, using what I am calling a “tabbed based system”. In that, rather than haing just a list of things, there will be pages that will be updated into the following categories (to begin with):

  • Generators
  • PDF Sales page (with the itch.io widgets)
  • Posts
  • Resources (later on)

For each of these pages, there will be various sub tabs, such as the Posts page showing on one tab the last 6 or so world building articles and so on.

The older content will still be there and this is going to be just a different way of displaying the various things. One downside is that the older pages, espically the posts for world building and so on, do sometimes look a little odd, but that will sort itself out in time as I use the newer templates for the posts. You probably wont see the difference on the orginal posts, but it will format it better for the “tabbed pages.”

This is mainly something I am doing for the Generators and PDF Sales pages to make it easier to see and not have everything on one huge list – The advantage of the list is using, for example, the ctrl+f command to find things is easy, but makes it a lot harder , for me at least, to edit and add stuff to later – Which is the main reason I am doing this.

I will probably be adding the Posts page first as that is the easiest one to set up compared to the others. The older pages will stay the same and oldder links will remain valid for individual generators and so on – This is for the main pages, not the individual ones.


Until next time!





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