Map Feature Namer Elemental Planes

Map Feature Namer Elemental Planes

Names for map features of the elemental planes


There is a common misconception amongst the general population (those who are aware of the elemental planes of course) that the elemental planes are JUST their element. The truth is that yes, the various things there are made from fire or earth and so on, but they, like the material plane, have forests made of fire, halls forged from living earth, water currents so large they could cover cities or buildings made from what can best be described as a solid cloud, all with their populations and civilisations.

And with civilisations, comes maps that show you where certain things are…


This PDF gives you a series of tables for naming features (in the common language) that might be found. This can be a descriptive label or the features literal translated name.


Example Outputs:

  • The Cursed Cobalt Fields
  • The Sixth Ember Stadium
  • The Winter Belfry
  • The Shattered Mansion


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