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Greetings! Time for another update on things, and this is, mostly all good news!

The main topics for this update, in no particular order, include:

  • Site Generators
  • Streaming
  • Social Media


Site Generators

A little while ago I had to remove/unlist a large chunk of my generators due to a major security issue. Sadly, it looks like that will never be sorted. The good news is that I’ve been able to move some of them back to being listed again. There are quite a few I was able to do this with but not as many as I was hoping for. Still, if you look in the menu you’ll see new drop-down categories and entries!

Some of the categories, at the moment, only have one entry/generator, but I’m doing it this way NOW so I don’t have to spend ages in the future moving things around again, future-proofing as much as I can!



In the first full M-S week of September 2023, I’m going to be moving my streaming schedule around a bit and trying to add another day into the rotation. Currently, things are Tuesday (game), Wednesday (watch Party) Thursday (game)

The schedule I’m working towards will be, provisionally:

  • Monday – Free (see later)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (game)
  • Friday – Watch Party

The times will change a little bit as well, going to 6 pm (London Time – GMT/BST as appropriate) across the board, aiming for around two and a half to three hours per stream.

With regards to Mondays – At the moment, I bring out most of my new works/PDFs on Mondays – I can’t guarantee I’ll have the mental energy to stream on those days. BUT sometimes, like this week, I do. 

So for Mondays, there may be the occasional bonus stream, but I can’t guarantee when that might happen.


Social Media

Things in the social media landscape are changing quite rapidly these days. I’ll post tomorrow with the new links I have and where I can be found. I want to make sure I have as many of them listed as possible.


Health Stuff

Things are still going up and down health-wise (mental and physical) after the dental surgery and the long time I spent on pain killers taking a toll on me I didn’t even realise. Generally, things are good, but there are dips and some days are better than others. Basically on the mend still, but it’s not going fast…but it IS happening 🙂


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