Dungeon Feature - Traps

This week’s PDF highlight is a remake of the second TTRPG-related item I ever made – Leicxon of Traps. This is one of those PDFs that definitely could have, not so much an update, but an expansion, as traps can be some of the most unique things explorers and adventurers can encounter. I can remember when making this that I had to limit or stop adding things otherwise it would have been never finished!

Original Date of publication: 29th April 2019

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Dungeon Features 8 – Traps

Traps. They are the bane of many a treasure seeker and explorer of ruins alike. They range from the humble, yet classic, pit trap, to the arcane enchanted one that messes with the nature of time itself, to everything else in between.

They serve multiple purposes from stopping would-be thieves from making off with a valuable object to being a source of entertainment for a bored beast.

Whatever the reason, knowing more details about the trap will help you describe it.

Disclaimer: Although this series is called “Dungeon Feature”, anything within them can be used in other locations, such as houses, monster dens and even outside if appropriate.

Inside you’ll find tables to help with various aspect of traps:

  • Area – type
  • Area Size
  • Damage type
  • Difficulty/Lethality
  • Effect
  • Location
  • Reset
  • Trigger

And 3 d100 tables for…

  • Effect (Expanded)
  • Object – For the trap itself or the trigger item
  • Trigger – Specific triggers for traps
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