A dragon/scale like book cover with a "window" in the middle showing a rusty/old looking key lying on the floor of a forest with old leaves around it.

Equipment Maker Volume #12 Keys

Unlock the power of unique keys.


As a GM you give your players a key to get past their most nefarious nemesis, a door! Then the questions begin…what does the key look like, what does it unlock, what is it made of and so on.

Or maybe you have them find a key and now have to decide what it unlocks and you can’t decide what that might be!

Maybe you just want to flesh out the lore of your world and give them something that is of historical importance and now they want to know who made it and what its original purpose was!

This PDF gives you a series of tables for generating descriptions of keys, covering materials, size, if it’s decorative or “fake” and more.

Inside you’ll find tables for –

  • Condition
  • Function
  • Found Location Mundane
  • Found Location Rare
  • Holder – For when there is more than one key
  • Material – 1 (common types of materials)
  • Material – 2 (uncommon materials)
  • Number of Keys
  • Origin/Maker
  • Shape/Design
  • Size
  • Unlocks – Mudane
  • Unlocks – Special
  • Use/purpose examples

NOTE FROM PUBLISHER – This should be named/numbered EM 12 – Working on updating the files when I get a chance. I am aware of the error on some of the files/preview


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