A blue sunburst in the background. Christmas in July logo in red with a white background. A small green dragon smiling to the left holding a lifesaver and Santa hat. To the right is the cover of [insert cover alt text here]. Thousands of titles up to 25% off. A palm tree with ornaments and lights to the right. Falling snow across the graphic.

Just seven days left (and a few hours, at the time of posting this) for the Christmas in July sale (CIJS)!


As before I generally recommend that folks don’t leave any purchases etc until the last day, mainly because of timezone differences etc and don’t want anyone to miss out on saving themselves some cash on titles they have been after.


In other news, my normal publishing schedule (one main pdf and one smaller pdf) should be resuming next month as I’m semi-recovered from the almost year-long jaw issue and now just dealing with the after-effects long-term pain issues have on the body. 

Progress in “getting back to normal” I’ve been warned, and have noticed, is slower than I hoped. But, from what I’ve been told, this is common when someone’s body is flooded with adrenaline, cortisol, pain-related stuff etc for a long time. It is getting there, just…I’m trying not to get frustrated by how slow etc is going as that can make things worse, ironically.


Examples of what you can find in the CIJS include but are not limited to…


As before, to remind those not Bundles featuring items that in the sale *may* be more expensive than the individual items combined whilst the sale is going on. But also, Bundles do receive a further proportional discount if you have anything in them already!


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