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It is obvious I have not been doing much regarding the blog and site this month.  This time of year is always difficult for me, mental health wise, and the energy to do things is often quite low. I’m ok with regards to how I am doing, but the drive/urge/mental batteries were this year quite low. It creates a feedback loop:

  1. Lack of mental energy + a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder + the ADHD /ASD combo = irregular mental energy/drive/executive function
  2. Get little done whilst working hard
  3. See that little has been done despite working and doing a lot (sounds like a paradox i know)
  4. Moods/drive/motivation drops
  5. Go to 1

So, for the foreseable future, I am not making any promises regarding the blog/site and content and what I output etc. A few people dont realise this is just me (ok and Chloe T Cat) running things here at Ennead Games, and that takes a lot of energy and most of my day, even when i am researching or brainstorming or even sorting out things like file back ups and planning and so on! Plus I am not getting any younger heh.

One idea I think I mentioned before, probably on twitter, is the idea of each week being “themed”, with the theme related to the PDF out that week or the ones I have hilighted.


  1. I bring out a PDF about , say, Forests
  2. The World building/world anvil article covers a forest from my world (WA) or “10 questions about…” will be themed arounds forests
  3. If there is any bonus content it will be forest related
  4. Any lists that come out on the Friday will be related to forests, trees and so on

The same will apply to when I hilight older PDFs on the “off” weeks.

Now to reiterarte, this does not mean I will be brining out content every day or something, just that If i do put something on here, it will be related to weeks theme. This makes things a bit easier on em as i dont have to spend ages thinking or deciding/planning what to do each day, I can just look at the weeks theme and go from there.

The advantage to this way of doing things should be obvious, but, most importantly, I dont put myself under too much pressure to do blog/site stuff, which feeds into the nmegative-feedback loop and makes things worse. Some weeks might have content every day, others, very little.


And that, for now works for me fine.


May the dice roll ever in your favour!

Chris K and Chloe T Cat.

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