Magic Ruling Body Namer

With this weeks PDF I am back from my mental health break and starting the “Theme of the week” concept for the blog/site. This weeks theme is Magic, in particular, covering those who teach and/or regulate it.

Magic Ruling Body Namer

What is the name of those who regulate or teach the forces of the arcane?


Spellcasting is often thought of as a profession or even a lifestyle. In worlds with high amounts of casters, a ruling body is often formed to regulate or teach the Art. Sometimes both.

Those who wish to practice working with the arcane forces need to if not join, then at least adhere to their rules, lest the general population turn on them. For while spellcasters are powerful, their numbers are normally not enough to go up against the rest of the population if they were to turn on them.

Thus, Magic Regulating Bodies (MRBs) are formed. Some are generalised and cover magic as a whole, others focus on one sub-section of The Art.

This PDF gives you a system for generating the name of these MRBs, with over 1,000,000 (One Million) possible combinations.


  • 3 x d100 tables
  • 1 d50 table of pre-made examples


Examples of the 1,000,000+ possible outputs include…

  • The Divine Nexus of Sorcery
  • The Radiant Chamber of Abjuration
  • The First Marketplace of Chants
  • The High Cluster of Natural Philosophy
  • The Outer Chambers of the Supernal Realm


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