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Not done one for a while, so seems the right time.

First things first, I am still here, but as you can tell, work on blog articles fell by the wayside – not deliberately or anything just working on the new stuff took up a larger chunk of my time than I hoped and I genuinely forgot. Well, such is the state of being ND with ASD and ADHD, that despite your best intentions things can slip by the wayside. That and mental health has been fluctuating a bit as well.

But, in a way, this has proven a benefit as it’s given me more time to work on other projects, such as the upcoming “Adventure Plot Outline Maker – Volume 1 Heists”, which is now in the “moving from notes to the PDF stage” of production!

I wish I could say I’ll 100% be posting more regularly, but I can’t – Its a, well, a bit of a git with regards to the ND in that despite all the good intentions and so on, sometimes, the bio-computer just says “no.”

I know the worst thing I can do in this regard is to beat myself up about it, as it just reinforces that part of the brain that handles those things . The brain is complex !



Other Things 

  1. The itch.io Halloween sale is now on.
  2. No PDF next week as October/November messes up the schedule a bit, BUT that does give me more free time to do work on the Blog/Site, like adding more to the product pages, maybe putting in more free gens/sample outputs and so on. None of these things are particularly complex, just time-consuming

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