A picture of a mountain river, with forests either sides. The river is quite turbulant and seems shallow, but powerful and flowing fast.

Quick Generator Waterways Names & Concepts

When you want to spend some time down by the river…


A waterway is any navigable body of water. This includes rivers/streams, lakes, lochs and so on. They are considered by many to be the lifeblood of civilisations and any nation – even so-called nomadic ones will often follow waterways for the precious resource they have.

Sometimes, there can be little difference to the untrained eye between some of the names used to identify them, with the difference being something as simple as regional dialect variations.

Like other terrain marked on maps or talked about in tomes, a quick label can tell you a lot about the nature of the waterway, such as whether is it a stream or river, does it flows calmly or is a torrent and so on.

This quick generator PDF gives you two d100 tables that, when the results are combined, give you 10,000 possible names (official or nickname/use names), concepts or quick descriptions.

Example outputs include…

  • Cobalt Loch
  • Foaming Creek
  • Teal Moat


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