This weeks generator is one of my favourites and it’s all about Vampires. Click on the title in the sample output  below to be taken right to the new generator


Vampire Details
Apparent Previous Life Age Adult
Gender Female
Species Giant
Profession/Class Politician
Bane/Weakness Bane/Weakness Ivory
Effect of the Bane/Weakness Cannot approach target holding/using bane
Clothing Dress style Farmer
Accessories Cane/Umbrella
Condition of clothing Missing fastener
Companions Companion type Gargoyle
Features Ears Rounded
Eyes Red
Hair As when alive
Skin Dirty
Teeth Elongated canines (aka traditional vampire teeth)
Feeding Method Biting neck
Sustenance Blood
Home base Home A run-down castle
Hunting Time In the early evening
Favored location High locations
Killing Blow Killing Blow Consumed by living creatures
Main Goal Main Goal Changes according to their whims
Movement Movement Flight
Powers & Abilities Main Power Water walking
Power Strength Very Strong (7d10)
Prey Prey type Peasant girls
Turned How long ago? Within 200 years (10d10 + 100)
Why/How was they turned? By choice
Quirks and Rare Features Quirk/Feature Hears voices

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