English: A typical smithy in Finland. Shot dur...
English: A typical smithy in Finland. Shot during a tourist trip to artist blacksmith Jesse Sipola’s smithy next to lake Bodom. Tourist working to aid the smith in smithing by using a sledge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 3.10 – Forge of the Supreme Weapon

“Each time she swung her hammer against the metal I swear the sparks would change colour. One moment they are bright red, the next an amazing green, then a sky-blue. I was later told this was the reaction of her hammer and the anvil, molding the power provided by the flames of the forge itself. Each spark was a manifestation of the Holy Blacksmith into the material plane. Each blow of the hammer was a prayer, each folding of metal an offering. If the smith was worthy and said the right words, Her spirit would become imbued into the weapon or armor, improving the quality of even the most humble of pieces”

Forge of Supreme Weapon
Power Level: Major (5)
Activation: Word (Any Language)
Approximate Age: Many – 30 years
Condition: Poor (3)

The Forge of the Supreme Weapon (FSW) is an unusual item in that it is used to make other items. It comes in 3 parts, the hammer, the anvil and the forge itself. The hammer and anvil are used to prepare the item, with the fiery forge being where the enhancements take place. To use the FSW is no different than a using a normal forge. At certain particular points in the process, the smith must utter certain keys words, believed to be a prayer in time with the actions they take. There are no secrets to these words as they are to simply get the Holy Smiths attention to your work, the skill at which you forge the weapon is what determines if She decides to grant your request. She respects skill and talent over empty belief.

Although the FSW if named after making weapons, it can be used for making armor or other items, such as horseshoes or nails. Due to the affinity, the Holy Blacksmith had with making weapons, the enchantments are only activated when making swords, or axes etc. Other items made with this are made of a higher quality, but have no arcane power or divine blessing, as making sure every piece is made to the best of your ability of a rule of the Holy Smith. To slack on your job is to invite her displeasure.

Assuming the Holy Smith approves of your work, then the effects applied can vary. The most common one is to improve the strength and resilience of the weapon, making it harder to break. Others include self-maintaining weapons that auto clean and repair themselves. Others develop an effect that inflicts a poison on their victims. Sometimes the Holy Smith grants you request, other ties she imbues the items with what she desires. To refuse her power is to invoke her fiery wrath.

Legends amongst smiths say that if you achieve a perfect forge, then the power of the weapon will be greatly increased. One of the most skilled smiths apparently died whilst making what is considered to be an almost perfect hammer. The legends go on to say that this weapon became imbued with the fallen smiths spirit so that he might continue his work in Her holy name.
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