Its that time of the week again!



No new PDFs this week, but the next one “Real World Name Maker – Danish Names” has had its content done.


World Anvil

Last week I updated/tweaked the intro page about the deities of Easthalen, highlighting the fact that rather then them being good/neutral/evil, they align along the lawful/neutral/chaos axis, as one major belief is that no-one or no-thing is 100% good or evil, but but if they follow the rules(law), break when it can be argued to be justified (neutral) or use rules as suggestions (chaos)

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




  • M – ESO – Have finally finished the first part of the base campaign and now onto part 2 – The Ebon Heart Pact
  • T – STO – Whooo boo, things are going very well with STO, with the Borg-setup, the new ship, the fleet progressing
  • W – GW2 – The stealth mission I was haveing trouble with is regarded by many as hard, so I dont feel bad in skipping it 🙂
  • Th – LOTRO – Not far off from leaving the Lone Lands now. Still got some quests to do, but progrss is being made
  • F – Stardew Valley – Got a chicken! And as I have set up “spend channel points to name a thing” – they were named “Chimkin Nugs”…..sigh….. 😉

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Other Stuff

Got a few other projects on the go right now – hopefully they pan out, if not got things I can be working on 🙂


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