Aerna– Trade/Commerce, generosity

Blessed Merchant Aerna

Wealth is not the issue, its what you do with it what matters

— Tenets of Aerna

Pronunciation guide: A-er-nah 

Aerna is unusual for a trade deity. Many promote greed and acquisition of wealth over anything else. Aerna requires that those who seek her favour to acquire wealth in an ethical and legal way, then to make sure that wealth is used productively. Hoarding wealth just for the sake of it is a sure-fire way to have her displeasure aimed in your direction. Saving up for a goal is allowed and encouraged, especially if it benefits others or will have a lasting positive impact. Aerna is not only a deity of trade, of commerce, of currency and transactions, but for fair trade and treatment. There are a few tales of her high clerics conducting trades in her name, or offering up goods or services, as the exchange of services, of which currency is considered by her followers to be the purest form of this action, is the major driving force behind their actions. It is a rare trader or merchant that doesn’t have even the smallest of shrines dedicated to Aerna in some fashion. There is a common story , one not refuted by her clergy, that she got her position in the pantheon of gods by making an offer to the previous trade deity, an offer they could not refuse.

Divine Domains

Like all the 12 gods, covers a wide variety of divine domains, but the primary ones are: Trade, commerce, generosity

Holy Books & Codes

There are two major books in the Aerna religion. One is Book of Accounts and the other is the Protocols of Spending. Both books are often found in the same compiled volume, with various names attributed to the combined book. Officially, there is no name for this combined book, just the individual volumes, but the church accepts that many do so. As long as the two books are treated with the respect they deserve, then they don mind how people carry or use them. Essentially each one deals with the two major parts of her faith, BoA covers the acquisition of wealth with the PoS deals with what to do with the wealth once acquired.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Two coins , one on top of another, is a common symbol used to represent Aerna.

Tenets of Faith

Essentially all her tenets can be boiled down to “Aquire wealth legally and ethically and do good with it” Others include:

  • Be generous with your wealth, but do not flaunt it
  • A hand up is better than a hand out
  • Improving the market is not a zero-sum game
  • Pay your bills and taxes


The fourth month of the year is named Aerna for a reason. Like the other deities, she has multiple holy days throughout the year. The 28th is considered to be the most holy as it believed to be her ascension day. Many governments and organsastions consider the month of Aerna to be the start of the tax year and records and such like start their “year” at some point.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Despite currency and trade being the primary goal, wealth can come in many forms.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Like all the 12 current Prime or highest deities, Aerna was once mortal.


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