Morning/Afternoon/Time period of choice, time for another weekly update!



The “Injuries and Casualties” PDF just hit copper tier , even though it came out on Monday – Thanks for the plug Mr Campbell (

I was looking over the list of my next possible projects and saw it was going to be “Disease Generator” – I think given current circumstances, that will be put further down the to-do list for a while…


World Anvil

No WA article last week – That was my fault, I was distracted by RL stuff and forgot to write the article until it was too late. There wont be one tomorrow either (see later in this post as for why)

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




Ohh boy. Borderlnds 3 has finally come to steam and was 50% off, so i took a risk, installed it and got it working- not perfect but playable!

  • M – BL3 – As mentioned above have BL3 installed and will be playing in on mondays for a little while. Once SDV is done, if BL3 is still ongoing will move it to there, but for now taking a small break from ESO. Will 100% be returning to it when BL3 is done. I might be able to do some off-stream non questing stuff. Plus with the new expansion coming out I will be getting that as well 😀
  • T – STO – The Gamma Arc is now done. Got a few more missions to do , like the old breen missions and so on. After that, not sure what I will do , need to think about this a bit
  • W – GW2 – After finishing off the boss fight, spent a day off stream getting my first ascended item, a greatsword!
  • T – LOTRO – Finished with the hobbit farm and now into Evendim proper
  • F – SDV – The year end draws closer and Leahs birthday. I best not forget to give her that golden pumpkin!

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Other Stuff

As mentioned above, there will be no WA article tommrow. The main reason for this is on Thursday my internet will be down all day due to planned engineering works. Was notified about this several weeks ago, so I can moan too much. As such there will be not WA article, nor LOTRO. I was told that it *should* be back up by 5pm, but with everything else going on I am not expecting things to be 100%. By Friday morning things should be settled.  I may be able to sporadicly get online and so on, but streaming will defiantly not be possible tommrow during the day and iffy a best after 5pm, it being peak time, people updating and so on.


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