Injuries and Casualties

A universe is a dangerous place. Injuries will occur at some point, the question is what will it be?

Designed for use in sci-fi games or those in a modern setting, this can be used for those on-board a starship, in a hidden lab or other similar environments. This could be used for fantasy or other genre settings but would require some tweaking and additions.

Designers note: Not every damage possible type has been included – This was a deliberate decision to keep the production manageable and workable. As with many other Ennead Games products, this has been designed as a starting point for your ideas. A second deliberate design decision was made to not include many instant death options in this publication, as then it wouldn’t be injuries, but injuries and death. The injured can still die, but that’s not the focus of this pdf.


  • Guidelines for working out the severity of an injury
  • Some suggested results for sample damage types
  • A table to determine the location of an injury, with non-humanoids covered as well
  • An even more detailed set of location-based injuries tables
  • Guides for initial and ongoing treatments
  • A d100 table for when you have an injury and just want to quickly know what it might be


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