Just a quick one this week as it’s hot as heck and promising to get hotter this week. Ling time reader will know that me and heat do NOT get on – it’s meant to hit 37c maybe 38c here tomorrow. I can already feel my brain turning to mush!



Just one item this week, the first in n ongoing series I have dubbed “Helpful List 1k” and is called Helpful List 1K Series – 1 – Fantasy Genre Names.



The Drivethru RPG Christmas in July sale is on for the next few days. Most of Ennead Games items or discounted for the duration. Check them out HERE.


World Anvil

I am almost finished with the WA Summer Camp. Once I have done, then, hopefully, once a week thereafter, probably on a Thursday, I’ll be highlighting an article from there. Some will be older ones, but where I have updated changed stuff, some will be brand new based on prompts etc.



I have tried multiple times to get past the mission I am having troubles within FFXIV. And I cant. I will try a few more times but , If I cant I won’t be streaming it any more as there is no point in me streaming it and just getting frustrated etc. Borderlands 2 is great and simple fun and reasonably easy to play. Sure I die a lot, but i know what needs to be done and the “spray and pray” approach to shooting the enemies works…sometimes… 😉



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