Howdy folks, its that time of the week again!


The Christmas in July sale at DrivethruRPG has ended and for me at least, it went rather well. The next planned PDF was originally going to be  Quick Generator, with two d100 tables, but had so many ideas for the tables that instead made it into its own generator, with 6 x d100 tables (divided up into 2 * 3 tables) – Its Cocktail Names!. The next related PDF will, like the pizza generator, have details that could, in theory, make a real-life cocktail, with ingredients, extras, mixing style and so on. Don’t blame me if you make it and get ill heheheh

More PDFS are being uploaded to itch every weekday. Its surprisingly easy to do so. I think I have, out of all the items I want to upload there I am about 75% done. Some things, like the older items and name stuff and so on I am not putting on there for now as I feel like I want to update and tweak them first. But am getting there. The PDF products page will, likewise, not have everything on there that I do. This is to save on space and bandwidth and so on – It can be thought of as a page that is the “best of” or ones I am particularly proud of and happy with or sold well elsewhere.


World Anvil

Regular World Anvil Articles will return soon! In the meantime have a look at the central hub page at the link below.

World Anvil Easthalen Page



Really getting back into the swing of things now – Jurassic World has being doing well. I feel like I *could* add in a third day but the question then becomes which one…Having fewer streams a week seems to allow me to put more energy into each one and thus make it higher quality. The behind the scenes tweaks and using OBS + Stream Elements is helping things ton, but still learning its particular quirks and rules, so mistakes sometimes still happen, like last night when several timers/bot commands went off at once heh.


Other Stuff

As itch stuff gets updated, once that is fully done I will do more with the free to use generators. I have mentioned before I have a big spreadsheet with all the PDFs i have done it, what has a linked generator, a widget for itchi and so on. The process is..fiddly.. to set up, but once done is very easy to update. The trick is now trying to sort out some odd visual quirks but i suspect that is CSS realated and thus, more tweaking is in order.


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