Ohh wee, its a good one this week, so buckle down and prepare thy butts – Or not, it’s not THAT amazing heh.



Nothing new released PDF wise this week as I release them every two weeks. When I started I made one for every week, and whilst I got a lot of work outputed it took it’s toll, both on the quality and my energy and health. Wont be doing that again.


Stuff I have purchased

This for me includes rewards from kickstarters and this week, maybe even today, a ton of items is scheduled to arrived, hope they do and it’s anot another “Whilst you were out” note through the job thing when i work from home and can see anyone coming to the door dang it!


Behind the Scenes

This is probably the biggest one. After some prompting I set up a ko-fi goal (at 42% at time of posting this) to help me get some new software, namely Affinty Publisher, a DTP (DeskTop Publishing) program that is similar to InDesign, regarded as industry standard, but a lot cheaper. When , not if, I get this I’ll be able to make , in theroy at least, better looking PDFs. Now don’t get me wrong, Word is a good word processor, but that is what it is…a word processor. Yes there are free DTP programs out there but I’ve tried them and found them either lacking in the tools I need or too complex and fiddly for me to use. This is not putting them down, but when you need things to be a certain way and a product doesn’t have that, you are not going to use it, no matter how good it is.

I’ve been told by other users that a good way of doing things is to type out the text in word and then import into the DTP program. To begin with I will be using templates and pre-made outlines etc as I learn things. Already have a few lined up, but this should help “up my game” so to speak and make things better in the long term, even if in the short term things are a bit disrupted. What I will probably do is take an older PDF or two and re-make in Affinity to see how it compares to the orginal and so on.

I do warn you, It will take time and the first true PDF I make using this wont be out for a few months, probably more, but I will publish the occasional updates regarding my progress an so on. This may take extra time so will not be for every new PDF, but more of a overlap as I refine and learn things until eventually all are done in the word+affinity combo.


World Anvil

Last week I finished the World Anvil Summer Camp 2019. Starting tomorrow, and then, in theory every Thursday afterwards. My WA page can be found HERE. I am honestly, fully in love with this system now.  It has made structuring my thoughts easier and the prompts and the use of BB Code, whilst a new thing for the most part is , for the most part, intuitive to understand. If there are new challenges, competitions and so on I’ll be posting my entries on this day. The entire project will be a continuous WIP, so expect things to change as i learn new tricks and ways of doing things.




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