Its Wednesday and its time for an update on things.


The last PDF to come out was “Quick Generators – Alchemical Ingredient Names”  The content for the next one is done and is related to injuries. More details next week with any luck 🙂


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The cosmology of Easthalen is related to the deities, as in most worlds. The four moons have an impact on things and three of them are related to the various pantheons.

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  • M – ESO – Started on the next campaign arc, the Ebonheart Pact. Its going to be a while before hitting the others, but I am in no rush and i really need to level my legerdermain skill before hitting the Theives Guild storyline
  • T – STO – Started on the Gamma Quadrant arc, the one that is very closely tied with the Iconian War as my fav arc in the game, with a ton of voice acting and brillient missions. My only gripe is that it isnt longer.
  • W – GW2 – Having settiled in the new (well older) character has made things so much easier, the ranger and so on. Still got a looooong way to go, but feels less of a slog and rather more like “when” i will complete things, rather than “if”
  • T – LOTRO – Not far now from being done with the north downs. According to the list i have, the next area is meant to be Evendim
  • F – Stardew – Getting to the end of autumn/fall. Winter, as a certain sean bean might have said once or twice, is coming.
  • S – STA – The final two episodes have now been set up, with the Borg Indoctrinated doing *something* to the Bajoran wormhole that has worried a lot of people.

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With STA coming into the last two episodes, its a bitter-sweet moment for me. The last 3 years have been..unexpected, as I never intended for it to go on this long. But at the same time, there isnt much more that can be done with this campaign. However, I will be setting things up so that a follow-up is possible for if/when i do another.


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