Chaloe – Nature & weather

“The twins are as mercurial as nature itself, they are fitting to be its representation. Bloody and kind, the calm and the storm, light and day, the ground and the sky. Yet if you ever see them, you cannot deny they are twins. They represent nature in all its glory…and fury”

 Chaloe is technically speaking two individual beings, Cha and Loe. It is incorrect to refer to them by their individual names, as they regard themselves as a single soul in two bodies. 

Early Life

Chaloe was born to an Orc mother and human father, believed to be in the Elf-Dwarf Alliance . Whilst they are strictly speaking non-binary, Cha was born female and Loe was born male only a few seconds afterwards. As with many of the other ascended deities, the so-called second generation, there is not much know about their early mortal life. There is a belief in the multiverse that twins sometimes share a form of mental link. This was defiantly true for Chaloe. As the years went on the legends say that , not long after puberty their two personalities began to merge and their forms shifted to resemble each other, with Cha becoming more masculine and Loe more feminine. By the time they would be considered to be true adults, it was almost impossible to tell one from the other.  

Ascension to divinity

Cha and Loe were never apart, although they did occasionally sleep in separate rooms or such like. It was this connection, the fact they they were individuals, yet at the same time, one soul, that gave them their power and skill at nature magic, something that greatly pleased their parents and was encouraged. This strength of skill got the attention of a Godshard. This was believed to be one of the more powerful and primal ones, possibly related to a deity of corruption. The legends say that the Shard didn’t know it was dealing with , in effect, two people at once. This proved to be its undoing… From their parents, their mother a druid and their father a ranger, the twins had received a love and appreciation of nature. They were brought up knowing the names of all the creatures, to only hunt when needed and be respectful of the creature you had killed for its meat and resources and so on. They understood the need for civilization but desired a balance between nature in all is glory and sentient beings. This natural connection to nature also brought along with the bloody side of nature – the primal fury, the rage of the storm, the sheer power of the elements. The Godshard found out that day why nature cannot be beaten. There are many tales of the Godshards and how they are used to ascended. There are many myths around them (see the linked article for some). One thing they can agree on is that someone who is linked to one can feel the presence of another nearby. Those close who were linked to a shard describe what they felt that day as fury made manifest, as raw natural power poured in the world. There was heard from miles around a scream originally thought to be from Chaloe, but was later discovered to be from the unnamed shard, now in small pieces and its divine power in a new soul..a soul that happened to be in two bodies.

Divine Domains

Chaloe’s two main domains is anything connected to nature and weather. Storms, animals, weather patterns, druids etc.

Holy Books & Codes

Chaloe doesn’t officially have a holy book, but some have written codes of conduct in their name. When asked about this they find it amusing, but do not have any divine words officially spread. They seem to believe that “doing what comes naturally as long as it doesnt hurt the world or others” is the way to live your life.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The main symbol associated with Chaloe is an acorn with fire around it, to represent both the growth of nature (the acorn) and its destructive abilities (fire)

Tenets of Faith

Respect nature in all its forms The natural world is a tool and extension of the divine, to hurt it is to hurt them and yourself Civilization does have it places in the order of things Only hunt when you need to and respect the fallen for they have given their life so that you might live


Chloas main holiday is in the month named after them (Chaloe) and is on the 15th – Midyear.  There are numerous harvest festival type holidays around the world

Divine Goals & Aspirations

  • To bring balance to the world
  • To keep the growth of civilization at bay, but not stop it


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