It be Woden’s Day and time for an update as per normal.


Last weeks pdf “Helpful List Arbitrary Collection 9” was out and as its volume 9 in the series the idea of doing a compilation, both as separate pdfs bundle and a all-in-one-document, is an idea that will happen.

The next PDF , which is currently in “just have to put the info into the tables” stage is a supplement for “Deities and Pantheons” but can be used on its own. Its names is “Names and Domains” and gives you 200 ready to use, gender neutral (mostly) names and about 400 domains or areas of influence.


World Anvil

There was no WA article last week as I was expanding on my streaming plans.

World Anvil Easthalen Page




The streaming schedule is staying the same as before:

  • M – BL3 – Just finished the moxxi DLC and back to the main story. Damm the game is a blast
  • T – STO – Got to the end of the major arcs, now working on the side stuff/areas. Will also be spending some more time on stream doing random TFOs (stos version of dungeons) to get the important currency for the fleet starbase
  • W – GW2 – Am making serious progress in this now. The temptation to progress the story off stream is very high heh
  • T – LOTRO – Another mmo where I have got past the plateau and making serious serious progress. This is one where I will occsaionaly do stuff off-stream, but the main story will keep to the stream, as its pretty good
  • F – SDV – Two marriages and a babby on the way! And now starting year 2 – summer. Gonna see if we can get the community center donw by the end of the game year, then year 3 will be pimping the feck out the farm!
  • X – ESO – I will be playing a bit of ESO of stream to speed things up, especially with the new DLC coming out next month I am sooo behind its silly, but in a good way

Twitch – Main



Other Stuff

I do want to get back to making more generators for the site, but at the moment i dont have the mental energy to do so. Its not a problem with the system I am using, just with everything else going on, had to , well dial things back a bit (mentally speaking).


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