Farbrough Penal Colony

Where some of the worst are sent for their crimes

“Welcome to Farbrough Penal Colony, your new home”

— Wardens “Welcome” speech to new inmates

 Farbrough island is a remote island that can only be accessed by a 30 mins boat ride. It sits off the mainland and is surrounded by shark infested water that is bitterly cold, even in summer. It is about 2 miles across and relatively flat, but with high cliffs and only one beach, with little to no natural wildlife. It was all these details that made Farbrough Island the ideal place to build a prison colony. Built around 147 years ago, Farbrough Penal Colony originally had just one prison area. The rest of the island was left open to the wilds. The beach/landing area is the most heavily guarded part of the island as it is the only way on or off, unless you want to scale to 500 meter high cliffs and the dangerous waters. The winds and cold sea air make life outside the cell blocks rather unpleasant. Many an inmate has died from exposure trying to escape. In theroy flight is possible, but the high winds make it unwise. There are also anti-teleportation sigils around the island that make using magic to get here unpleasant and, well, messy, for anyone trying. The prison typically holds around 1,000 inmates, but at maximum capacity can hold close to 5,000, but this does make for very cramped cells and quarters. It has only been at this level of occupancy twice in its history. The prison itself is rather unremarkable, but does match the quality and security of most other prisons. The daily life on the inmates matches those in other facilities, with the exception being they receive fewer visitors, due to the hard to reach location. These days the prison complex covers almost 3/4 of the island, with the rest of the island dedicated to being a wildlife preserve for what little non-human life remains. The undeveloped area also provides some food for the local inhabitants. 

Hooks & Rumours


  • There is a campaign to have the penal colony closed and the inmate shipped to other more regular prisons. This is being led by families of those who reside in the colony and has recently acquired the backing of a wealthy and powerful individual
  • To this day, only 1 individual has ever escaped FPC. authorities are still trying to figure out how.
  • A planed upgrade is required for the FPC, but it requires the inmates to be temporarily off the island. Guards are required to move the prisoners and to keep an eye on them.
  • An odd sickness has struck the colony. A disease that can only be caught from a very rare creature has been diagnosed on the island. Scientists belive that the prison colony is one of the last few places this rare creature exists.
  • Someone in the group has been convicted of a crime they didn’t commit and must now be rescued or busted out from FPC as soon as possible.
  • A mysterious new prisoner has been admitted and placed on the island in solitary away from the main population. Not even the warden knows who she is, simply that from the “she MUST be locked up here”


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