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Look I know how to get this thing working. I paid enough money to watch they broadcast and the damm thing isnt …oh wait you’re right i need to activate it….

— Typical O.R.B. user when they first get the item

 O.R.B aka ORB is a system of connected scrying orbs used for entertainment purposes. It is believed that the term O.R.B originally meant something like “Object of Regular Broadcast” but the inventor has since passed away. The system itself is quite simple. There is a central “Broadcasting” Orb. This transmits through the magical ether to orbs that are connected to it. Connecting an ORB to what has been referred to as a network is a simple enough enchantment and each ORB can connect to one or more, depending on the quality of the receiving ORB. Each receiving ORB can only connect to one network at a time but can cycle through all the various ones it has access to. This access can be open, restricted or subscription based. Open means that ALL orbs connected to the network can receive the signal, redistricted means there might be a password or only for certain people or even times. Subscription is a new service that Artificers and Engineers have introduced and it costs money to access the show or network. Once a program or show has been access, the images and sounds from the sending ORB are simultaneously broadcast to each receiving ORB set to that particular network. Those who are viewing can adjust the picture and sound as needed but this can vary with these features only being found of the more expensive and premium models. The ORB system is still relatively new and expensive but has gained popularity among nobles and those with access to large amounts of funds. A few places  Some popular ORB broadcasts include:

  • The Great Easthalen Bake Off – A show about baking with some of the more exotic ingredients the world has to offer
  • CSI:Easthalen – About a Warforged and a Teifling who work together to solve otherwise hard to solve crimes
  • Star Track – a documentary about the first train to explore space


The Big Rumor

As the arcane-technology is based on the scrying orb, many mages have found they have a natural distrust of being around them. These orbs can, in a pinch be used as a traditional scrying orb but any images and information shown is a blip, a quick image, like a still picture. What worries mages is that this can be done from the sending ORB as well to any ORB that is linked to it, that the system is a way of spying on those that watch and careless talk about things they might not otherwise do so.


Mostly used for entertainment purposes, a few shows have started to spring up focus on education and so on.


The process to making an ORB is very similar to the manufacturing of a standard scrying orb, but with subtle variations – Any who can make a standard scrying orb can make a entertainment ORB


World Anvil Page for the item listed above can be found HERE.

My World Anvil page/game world, Easthalen, can be found HERE. It is updated often , as and when I can.

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