Been a weird one this week – accidentally somehow locking myself out of a couple of accounts (sorted now)



No new PDFs this week, but the next one, due for release next Monday is from the Quick Generator series and gives you Afterlife Names. Its a bit different from others in that the first 50 entries on table one could be thought of as “good”, such as Golden, Peaceful etc, with the second 50 being more “evil” or dark, such as Bloody, Chaos and so on. The second table, a d100, gives you 100 place names to go with the first, suc as fields, home etc.


World Anvil

The WA article last week was an update to an older one, bringing it in line with the rest of the articles and not being “generic” and is now a part of the lore and world of Easthalen. Tomorrows article will be based on something that cropped up from my D&D game last Saturday, an off the cuff thing that proved to be amusing and gave me a ton of ideas and helped with an ongoing plot in the campaign.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




The new streaming schedule rotation is active. Last night saw the start of a new play-through of STO and the adventures of the Damocles – Yes the same one from the STA and will eventully have all the crew as close as i can can get them to the bi-weekly Saturday stream versions.

T – Star Trek Online
W – GW2
F- Various/Whatever

Twitch – Main


Other Stuff

The new system for generators is going well. Taking a little break this week, then working on the next batch, the name generators. The more complex ones I am leaving to last, but having a template and system I can follow easy makes it much easier to do.


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