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This week’s world-building “10 questions about….” covers the topic of artificial beings or constructs. These can apply easily to a fantasy setting as a sci-fi one with minimal tweaking, using construct as a generic term for mobile Artificial-Intelligences (in a sci-fi setting) or Mechanical Servants for a more high-end fantasy setting.

For this set of questions, constructs refer to a being that is semi or wholely independent and is made/manufactured not birthed or otherwise made “naturally,” often from inorganic materials.


  1. What are constructs typically made from?
  2. What size and shape are they?
  3. How independent are they?
  4. What governs their behaviour?
  5. Who, or what makes them and grants them awareness?
  6. What rights, if any, do they have?
  7. What nicknames, derogatory or otherwise, are given to constructs?
  8. How do the general population view them?
  9. Are there any restrictions on who is allowed to make use of them?
  10. What are constructs most commonly used for?

Bonus question: What was the last major newsworthy incident involving a construct?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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