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In many a fantasy-based genre, the existence of deities is pretty much a given. They might have existed in the past but are now silent, or left to do other things. But for other stories and worlds, the various deities might take on a more active role, some even dealing mortals directly, rather than through proxies or their clerics. This week’s “10 questions…” covers the some simple topics about both the supernatural entities and their religions.  This subect, and others, will be expanded in future weeks at some point.


  1. Are the deities truly divine or just appearing to be?
  2. How many deities are there?
  3. How are the deities organised: One group, along philosophical lines, power levels or something else?
  4. How active are they in mortal lives?
  5. How do they treat non-believers?
  6. What tensions, if any, exists between the deities?
  7. Is there a state church/religion?
  8. Why do the deities want to be worshipped?
  9. Are the deities “perfect” or do they have failings and if so what are those?
  10. What part do the various religions play in public and private life?


Bonus Question : Can a mortal become a deity and if so, how?



The on-going & growing list of world building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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