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Welcome to this week’s “10 World Building Questions About…”. Today it’s going to be about fauna, aka the creatures or animals of your world. For these questions/prompts, I’ll be working under the rule that if a creature is non-sentient, it would go under this category, although I can see the arguments for counting sentient species under this as well.

This set of questions/prompts is more about the general state of the creatures of your world. Specifics about a certain species are left for later prompts.

  1. Roughly how many species are present?
  2. Which is the most numerous, in terms of sheer numbers?
  3. Which has the most variety or sub-species?
  4. Which is the most intelligent, but still non-sentient?
  5. Are any fauna used as farm stock?
  6. What is the main view of fauna in the world? Are animals generally treated with respect or are they seen as resources to be exploited?
  7. What is the largest known?
  8. Excluding bacteria and such, which is the smallest known?
  9. What species have gone extinct and what caused it?
  10. Is natural hybridisation present? Such as Ligers (Lions and Tigers) and are the offspring viable?

Bonus Question

  • What is the most popular creature in the world and why does it have this status?


The list of previous and other world-building prompts can be found HERE.

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