This week’s world-building prompt theme is about forests. It could also apply to woodlands, jungles or any other terrain of a similar nature.

Forests, like any other terrain, can provide resources, places to live (for both animals and sentient beings) and even adventure under the right circumstances.

These questions/prompts can apply to every forest or just one in particular. As with other aspects of world-building, each forest can and should feel different when compared to each other, even if what differs is something small. Those that are geographically close should, conversely, share some aspects.

Lastly, obvious aspects such as the type of tree, size of the forest etc are not covered by these prompts.


  1. Are there any ancient ruins or hidden enclaves nestled within a forest?
  2. Are there any rare or unique species found exclusively within?
  3. Do certain types of trees or plants within the forests possess magical properties?
  4. Do the forests hold any secrets about the history or creation of your world?
  5. How do the changing seasons affect the appearance and atmosphere of the forests?
  6. How do the forests connect various regions or serve as barriers in your world?
  7. How have different cultures developed their own rituals or traditions related to the forests’ significance?
  8. How have the forests been shaped by natural events like fires, storms, or even magical occurrences?
  9. How have the local communities learned to live in harmony with the diverse flora and fauna of the forests?
  10. What dangers or myths surround the deepest, most untouched parts of the forests?

Bonus – What mysterious creatures or spirits are said to inhabit  your world’s forests?


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