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This weeks topic for would building is, well ssome would consider fairly topical, *thanksyoucovid19*.  Medicine plays an important part in world building and , in some cases can be split in natural medicine and supernatural versions, with natural here refering to any medicine or medical treatments that does not involve arcane, divine powers etc. I was debating myself about calling this “Healers” rather than medicine, but as this is a topic I will be coming back to it felt more approriate to call it medicine instead.

  1. What are the main healers called?
  2. Who trains your main healers?
  3. Who can become a healer?
  4. How is mental illness handled?
  5. Who is the most (in)famous healer and why?
  6. What is the newest treatment that healers are excited about?
  7. What disease is causing the most problems right now?
  8. What customs do healers have?
  9. What is the most risky medical treatment and what is it for?
  10. Who pays for the treatments and supplies?

Bonus question – When and where was the first record of a healer/medical treatment?


The list of previous and other world building prompts can be found HERE. Current total of questions = 83.

Have any ideas or suggestions for future “10 Questions About…” then let me know!

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