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With this week’s PDF being “Quick Generator – Wild Weather and Events”, the theme was set to be about the weather and , it could be argued, climate as well.

As with some previous 10 questions, some of the prompts/questions in this set can be applied to a local region, national, or global region.

For base general weather patterns, a climate that is similar to Earth is assumed as a baseline to start with.


  1. How reliable/predictable is the weather patterns?
  2. Is there a large variation between the top and bottom end of possible events?
  3. What is the most common weather “event”?
  4. Is there an official system in place for forecasting the weather?
  5. How common are catastrophic weather events and what type occurs the most?
  6. Do the weather patterns contribute to the local culture in any way?
  7. Is a certain weather pattern or event required for a particularly important aspect of life?
  8. For each major climate aspect (cold, wet, hot etc), which area is at the top and which the bottom of the chart?
  9. Are there any anomalous weather patterns that stand out?
  10. What is the most unusual weather event, compared to Earth?

Bonus question: How are extreme weather events named and who names them?



The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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