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This weeks word building “10 Questions about…” covers transport. This is , as many of the topics have been so far, a fairlly broad and open subject.  Transport can cover many things, from people, to good, to even information in various forms, such as letters and parcels and so on.


  1. Are there any methods of transport reserved for the wealthy/elite? If yes, why are they are the only ones using it?
  2. How is the transportation of smaller items like letters, parcels etc handled?
  3. Is there a toll system on your roads? Who runs it?
  4. Is there any form of public transportation?
  5. Is there any group that has travel restrictions and if so why?
  6. Is there any guild/group responsible for, or who control the transport methods and systems?
  7. What is the most advanced/fastest form of travel in your world?
  8. What is the most unusual form of transportation in your world? (Compared to those on Earth)
  9. Which animals, if any, are domesticated to use for transport?
  10. Which culture has the most reliable/maintained transport system (And conversely which has the worst?)


Bonus question : What is the typical cost , per mile/kilometer, for the average person or item?


The list of previous and other world building prompts can be found HERE.

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