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Normally the “10 questions”/worldbuilding prompts cover topics with a broad subject, such as religion, or magic. This week, the focus is more narrow/specific and covers one of the most famous types of undead – Vampires.

Whilst most people at least have a vague idea about vampires and their abilities, thinking outside the box, especially with regards to powers and vulnerabilities can keep things interesting. For “regular” vampires, keep things traditional, but for the named or antagonist, making them different can lead to more memorable encounters, and not necessarily combat-focused ones.

  • What is the true cause of vampirism in the world?
  • Who and where was the first recorded case of this?
  • Are they found in one region/culture or the world over?
  • Do vampires have regional or cultural differences?
  • What do folk believe are their primary strengths and powers?
  • What weakness are they believed to have?
  • Can they truly be killed permanently and if so how?
  • Are vampires inherently evil?
  • What typical powers or abilities do they have?
  • What, if any, structure does vampire “society” have?

Bonus Question – Who is the most (in)famous Vampire in the world and why are they so well known?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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