This week generator is taken from the Creature Description Generator – Zombies. A sample output can be found below.

Zombie Description
Previous Life Age Child
Gender Female
Species Halfling
Clothing Condition Large bloodied area
Style Loose
Disfigurement/Wound Disfigurement/Wound Back of the skull is missing
Head Ears – L/R Half missing/Intact
Eyes – Colour Grey/blue
Eyes – Condition L/R Unfocused/Blind/Glazed/Vacant
Hair – Colour White
Hair – Condition Caked with blood
Mouth Tongue gone
Nose Obviously Broken
Arm – L/R Elbow broken – arms kept straight/Almost falling off
Hands -L/R Missing Index finger/Missing Index finger
Legs – L/R Lower leg broken/Almost falling off
Feet – L/R Foot split in two/Foot is a stub
Movement Type Lunging
Speed Normal speed
Size/Weight Size 11 to 15% smaller
Weight 41 to 50% smaller
Skin Colouration Virtually same colouration as when alive.
Condition Maggot infested
Sounds/Smell Sounds made Groaning
Smell Spice like odour
Quirk/Feature Quirk/Feature Can phase through natural materials

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