A throne fit for a king

Guardian Throne

“I was brought before their king, into the small chamber. The Pixie King wanted peace, but I had been instructed otherwise. The plan was simple, kill the king seize control of the pixie held lands and take back what was rightfully ours. It was going so well. I had the device ready to summon in our forces. The King looked at me and smiled then said a word in an ancient language that sounded pixie-like. The air glowed around the throne and when it had cleared I saw own elites forces standing beside the king with a disturbing look on their faces. He smiled again and pointed at our small party and the open door. Then the elites charged. As you can imagine, we ran…”

Guardian Throne
Power Level: Greater (8)
Activation: Word (Rare version of old Pixie)
Approximate Age: Generations – 140 years
Condition: Average (5)

The Guardian Throne is like many regal items, quite powerful when used correctly. As a throne it a mighty symbol in its own right. The pixies king who created this, however, wanted something more. Something that could help him stand up against these bigger folks who kept coming into his kingdom and thinking they could intimidate him and his people. After the 3rd time in as many years of being threatened by outsiders, the royal family had enough.

The GT main power is, as the name suggests, to guard the throne. It Works on quite an interesting concept. It finds the most powerful creature, or unit of creatures within range and teleports them to besides the throne, the range being determined by the mental power of the user and other random factors. A mental compulsion is placed on them to protect the one using the throne and to follow simple instructions. In effect, it makes the teleported units act as guards for the throne user. A secondary effect boosts the power and skills of the guardians, making them more effective. Once the danger has passed, a second command word is used to send the guardians back to where they came from, injuries healed. Those killed in defence of the throne  are not returned to life.

It does have some limitations that some think are quite severe. The first is the user must have some pixie blood in them. The second is they must know the correct command words, which can only be spoken in a rare dialect of the pixie language. This dialect is generally only taught the royal line, but a few of the command words have become known outside of the royal family. 114 years ago, a downside was discovered to the throne that was unknown beforehand. If the guardians are not returned within 16 hours they start to become less effective and develop odd mental instabilities. These instabilities are permanent and can sometimes result in the guardians turning on the ones who summoned them. Because of this effect, most users never keep the guardians summoned for more than 12 hours.

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